Easy1x2 is a mutual aid movement and a private activity reserved to its members
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Easy1x2 offers a fully automated donation exchange system

With the inflation currently affecting us all, whatever our country, more and more people are looking for ways to generate additional income. Through the donation system we offer, you can improve your situation while helping others to do the same. Among the benefits we offer :

- No transaction or subscription fees : membership is totally free.

- Donations are made directly from the donor to the beneficiary (peer-to-peer), not via the platform.

- an automatic repositioning system saves you from having to make repeated donations.

- At all times: you are in full control of your money on the donations you send and receive.

- No obligation to move on to any higher-level program.

- Automatic emails and intuitive interfaces ensure communication and validation of donations.

- The website does not collect any sensitive personal data and does not display any advertising.

- To join us, you must be referred by one of our members.